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Oregorger2 phases. Phase 1 ends when Oregorger's mana runs out. Phase 2 ends when Oregorger eats 10 stacks of ore. Heroism at start. P1: Ranged groups and steps out of puddles (avoid blocking passageways); melee groups away from off-tank and avoids Explosive Shard (knockback + 3 yard range); tanks intercept breath and swap; interrupt rotation on Blackrock Barrage. P2: Oregorger randomly rolls through passageways looking for ore. Spread out and DPS crates quickly, stay in LoS of healers, safe path behind boss. After crates are open, group up near center and wait for Oregorger to finish. Heal CDs for Earthshaking Collision near end of phase.
Gruul2 phases, timed. Phase 1 lasts 70 seconds, Phase 2 lasts 30 seconds. Heroism at start. P1: Two groups on either side of boss in melee range, one tank in front, one tank in back. Tanks swap on appropriate number of stacks of Overwhelming Blows; tank faces boss to one melee group, alternating, for Inferno Slice (every 10 seconds, on rage bar - debuff lasts 30 seconds). Entire raid must spread out 8 yards from each other for Petrifying Slam to avoid excessive Shatter damage. P2: Avoid falling rocks (Cave In), after first rocks fall, move into that area. Avoid Overhead Smash, line of damage extending from Gruul in random directions. (Healers manage ticking damage from Destructive Rampage for 25 seconds.) Group back up in assigned places.
Hans'gar and FranzokHeavy movement, both bosses start together until 80% health, then alternate as single or together depending on health level (shared health pool = multi-dot + cleave). Heroism at start or during a phase when bosses overlap and conveyor belts are stationary to maximize cleave damage. Dodge environmental effects (Searing Plates, fire at edge of conveyor belts). If you get a red arrow above your head (Body Slam), run away from the raid; melee be 12 yard away from tanks. When one boss leaves the encounter, the other will use Crippling Suplex to slam tanks together; external CDs needed (damage taken = other tank's maximum health pool). Substantial tank damage throughout encounter.
Beastlord DarmacMultiple phases, targets include Darmac and three mounts; Cruelfang (worg), Ironcrusher (elekk) and Dreadwing (rylak). Save Heroism for after each of the three beasts are defeated and Darmac is "On Foot". Position Darmac next to the beast of choice, order should be Cruelfang, Ironcrusher, Dreadwing (to minimize raid damage and use less threatening abilities first). He will choose one at 85%, 65% and 45% health. Darmac will use each of the beasts unique abilities after they die (he will have all three during the final phase - Rend and Tear, Tantrum, Superheated Shrapnel - same as Inferno Breath). Dodge spears, don't get pinned.
Operator ThogarHeroism at the start, before adds. Tanks will move boss and adds to safe train track, adds must be killed quickly. Players should avoid being hit by moving trains and be standing on the appropriate track. Avoid damage from Prototype Pulse Grenade by moving out of it quickly. If targeted by Delayed Siege Bomb, move away from raid to drop bomb. Interrupt the Grom'kar Firemender's Cauterizing Bolt, or dispel Cauterizing Bolt from enemies. Tanks swap on 2 stacks of Enkindle. Two minutes into encounter, trains will arrive simultaneously on Tracks "2" and "3", damage should be split; tanks will need to use CDs to handle high stacks of Enkindle.
Flamebender Ka'grazSingle phase, cycles when Ka'graz energy reaches 100. Heroism at start. Kill Aknor before Ka'graz reaches 25 energy, cleave and multi-dot Ka'graz at start. Ranged spread out inf half the room and away from melee, everyone avoid fire lines. Move out of Enchanted Armament (Ka'graz throws weapon at random player, stays throughout fight.) Molten Torrent into melee to split damage (heavy AoE healing) Cinder Wolves must die within 8 seconds of each other, kite carefully being aware of Fiery Link. Move Blazing Radiance away from everyone else. Group up for Firestorm then spread back out. Tanks swap at 4-5 stacks of Rising Flames (will fall off as Cinder Wolves spawn).
Iron MaidensTwo phases, 3 bosses, health pool is NOT shared. Heroism at 20% when each gains Iron Will. DPS evenly for first 80% of boss health. Each boss will gain a new ability at 30 energy and 100 energy. Boss with the lowest health will move to ship one minute into fight and every three minutes thereafter. When each boss reaches 20% remaining health, they will gain Iron Will which sets them to 100 energy and grants their new abilities additional damage every 20 seconds. Time for Heroism/Time Warp and to nuke down each boss one at a time in a priority order to remove their mechanics from the fight.
KromogSingle target, moderate movement. Heroism at 30% (Frenzy). Avoid cone attack (Rippling Smash), avoid sonic rings (Reverberations), avoid stone hands (Rune of Crushing Earth). Stand in orange runes (Rune of Grasping Earth - spread out prior to cast), attack Grasping Earth (AoE if possible, single target if needed to free healers) when Thundering Blows ends; group back up in half the room when finished. Tanks stand together to split Fists of Stone damage, swap for Warped Armor stacks. Tank damage high during Slam (AoE), healing throughput CDs on Thundering Blows. (If Rune of Grasping Earth is coming near 30%, hold Heroism until after.)
Blast FurnacePhase 1: Destroy the Heat Regulators on either side of the Blast Furnace The general kill order for the adds in this phase is: Bellows Operator > Furnace Engineer > Foreman Feldspar > Security Guard. Interrupt Furnace Engineers' Repair to avoid healing to Heat Regulators. Move away from raid when affected by Rupture to drop puddle. Phase 2: Defeat the four Primal Elementalists who have captured the Heart of the Mountain Phase 3: Defeat the Heart of the Mountain

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