Boss Strats
2 phases. Phase 1 ends when Oregorger's mana runs out. Phase 2 ends when Oregorger eats 10 stacks of ore. Heroism at start. P1: Ranged groups and steps out of puddles (avoid blocking passageways); melee groups away from off-tank and avoids Explosive Shard (knockback + 3 yard range); tanks intercept breath and swap; interrupt rotation on Blackrock Barrage. P2: Oregorger randomly rolls through passageways looking for ore. Spread out and DPS crates quickly, stay in LoS of healers, safe path behind boss. After crates are open, group up near center and wait for Oregorger to finish. Heal CDs for Earthshaking Collision near end of phase.
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Raid Information

Regular Raid Schedule:

Tuesday: TBD
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: TBD
Weekend (varies): TBD

Occasionally raids will be added on Monday and Friday as necessary, and times are subject to change, usually later rather than earlier for starting and stopping.

Current Goals:
Raiders may be asked to switch to their off-spec to fulfill the requirements needed on a case-by-case basis. Raids will be led by an officer unless in the rare case that an officer is not available, then a guild member with experience and knowledge of the raid will be asked to lead. No matter who is leading the raid, courtesy and respect is expected. 

Explanation of Calendar Terms:
ACCEPT: This means that you are committed to coming to the raid and will be ready to be invited at raid time. However, this does not guarantee that you will be given a raid spot.
TENTATIVE: This means that you are not sure you will be able to make it at the given date/time, but would still like to be considered if you are available. If you find that you will be available and would like to come before raid time, please change this to "accept". Tentative should NOT be used if you will be available and you do want to attend the raid. If you were tentative at the start of the raid and were not able to change it to accepted, you should immediately whisper an officer to let them know.
DECLINE: This means that you are not able to make the raid date/time, or that you do not wish to attend the raid that is scheduled.
STANDBY: This means that a moderator of the calendar has selected this for you. In this case, you may be asked to sit out of a raid most likely due to raid composition.
CONFIRMED: This means that a moderator of the calendar has selected this for you. You are confirmed for the raid, which means that you had previously accepted and are guaranteed a spot in the raid. This will not be used often, but most likely in the case that there are too many raiders for a specific raid that requires a certain raid composition.
OUT: This means that a moderator of the calendar has selected this for you. You will not be able to attend the raid. This will not be used often, but may occur in the event that you had previously accepted a raid and then did not show up (a "no-show").

We use the calendar almost exclusively for planning raids, so it is imperative that you use the calendar if you wish to raid. If you are not on the regular raid invite list and want to be, please whisper an officer so that you can be added. In some cases priority may be given to the order in which raiders have signed up on the calendar (i.e., if you accepted at the last minute, you may be asked to sit over someone who had been accepted for a week), however we understand that it is not always possible to predict one's schedule, so we kindly ask that you accept as soon as you are sure you can commit to a raid. Generally, no one who was accepted and invited to the raid will be asked to sit out for someone who showed up late and was not signed up on time.

It is expected that raiders come to the raid with knowledge of the fights and appropriate gear. Food will generally be provided, but flasks and potions are not and ARE necessary to bring for yourself for any current content. Fellow guild members will more than likely be happy to provide them if needed, but try to be prepared as an individual nonetheless.

Rarely a raider may be privately asked to sit out of a raid due to performance issues including their skill capabilities, latency, etc. 

All raiders are expected to have Ventrilo installed and be able to listen, whether or not they have a microphone. Speaking on Vent is mostly not required, but listening is.

Raiders are expected to be mature and courteous while raiding in both chat and in Vent. Harassment of fellow guild members will not be tolerated.