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re: Overview: Mannoroth


Mannoroth: 700 (N), 715 (H)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3MhC4DpqTI Fatboss Live Guide
http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/mannoroth-strategy-guide-normal-heroic Icy-Veins Strategy
http://www.wowhead.com/guides/raiding/hellfire-citadel/mannoroth-strategy-guide Wowhead Strategy


    • Phases: 4, first transition after 3 Summoners are killed, then 65%, then 35%
    • Berserk: Unknown
    • Heroism: Phase 4, 35%
    • Healer Cooldowns: As needed

Phase 1 - Legion's Might (Kill 3 Fel Iron Summoners)

There will be three Fel Iron Summoners, one for each portal that spawns adds. Once all three are killed, the phase will end. Summoners should be killed in the following priority order:

  1. Red Fel Spire - Doom Lords
  • Must be tanked. Stacks Doom Strike on target which deals damage when stacks expire; use CD to mitigate.
  • Do not dispel Curse of the Legion: Debuff spawns a new Doom Lord when dispelled or expired.
  • Interrupt Shadow Bolt Volley, moderate aoe.
  • Run Mark of Doom into pool, spread out for 20 yard eruption.
  1. Green Fel Spire - Dread Infernals
  • Ranged DPS will handle them due to dangerous melee mechanics.
  • At the end of channeled Fel Hellfire cast, will cast Fel Streak charge and do damage in 8 yard range at end point.
  1. Purple Fel Spire - Fel Imps
  • Players should stack before Fel Imp-losion so that the 8 imps spawn in same location.
  • Stunnable and interruptible, high priority to kill quickly (just like Xhul'horac).

Split groups; 1 goes Green, 2 goes Red. Soft stack left side of Summoner. When adds spawn, ranged spread, melee switch to opposite side of Summoner. AoE adds and then soft stack again on Summoner. Whoever gets Curse of the Legion, run to Purple Spire and let debuff expire (do not dispel!).


This kill order eliminates the Infernals early so that melee DPS are not hampered by them while killing the final Fel Iron Summoner. A raid with few melee DPS could consider killing the Fel Imp summoner before the Infernal summoner.

Phase 2 - The Resurrection (Ends at 65% health)

Gul'dan will destroy the Red Fel Spire at the start of the phase and resurrect Mannoroth - Doom Lords will no longer spawn, however Fel Imps and Dread Infernal will continue to spawn.

Things to Run Away From:

  • Fel Hellstorm: Dark black circles, 6 yard range.
  • Felseeker: Radius begins at 10 yards, then 20 yards, then 30 yards. Move out quickly, speed boosts helpful (Stampeding Roar). Casts every 50 seconds.

Things to Group up For:

  • Mannoroth's Gaze: Fears 3 random players for 4 seconds, when it expires, damage is split in 8 yard range. Additional 1-2 players with damage reduction CDs should help split damage. Not dispellable, but can be immuned (solo because damage is still split). Will happen when Mannoroth reaches 100 energy, he begins phase at 60 energy, but it will occur every 45 seconds after the first cast.

Important Tank Mechanics:

  • Glaive Combo: 3 abilities cast 1.5 seconds apart, will be cast every 30 seconds.
  • Tank 1 takes Glaive Thrust MUST use active mitigation, then Massive Blast knockback (back to Spire), Tank 2 taunts and takes second Glaive Thrust WITH active mitigation.
  • Healers may need external CDs on tanks.

Phase 3 - True Power (Ends at 35% health)

Gul'dan now destroys the Purple Fel Spire (Imps now gone), Mannoroth gains a new ability. (All other mechanics from Phase 2 persist.)

  • Shadowforce: Affects 3 random players, does a pushback and light ticking damage for duration (healers use HoTs). Run against pushback, do not get knocked off platform.
  • After debuff expires, affected players gain 300% movement speed increase for 1.5 seconds. Careful not to run off platform.

Phase 4 - Empowerment (35% to 0)

Gul'dan finally destroys the Green Fel Spire (no more Dread Infernals), and now empowers all of Mannoroth's existing abilities. With all the Spires destroyed, tanks can longer have back to them and must now face Mannoroth toward center.


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Joined: 30 Apr 2013
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re: Overview: Mannoroth


Normal, Heroic, Mythic (700, 715, 730)

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