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re: Overview: Socrethar the Eternal


Socrethar the Eternal: 695 (N), 710 (H)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZGYt3V9_cY Fatboss Live Guide

http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/socrethar-the-eternal-strategy-guide-normal-heroic Icy-Veins Strategy

http://www.wowhead.com/guides/raiding/hellfire-citadel/socrethar-strategy-guide Wowhead Strategy



  • Phases: 2 phases, single target on Construct until it dies, then adds and Soul of Socrethar in phase 2. Repeats if Construct dies in phase 2.
  • Berserk: 10 minutes 41 seconds
  • Heroism: Either at the start, or on first or second Dominator add in Phase 2
  • Healer Cooldowns: External CDs on tank for their 3rd Blow, raid CDs as needed.
  • Phase 1 Position: Face Construct away toward middle, ranged stack near wall, move radially around room to avoid abilities.
  • Phase 2 Position: Tank on red portal, everyone stacks.

Phase 1 - Soulbound Construct

Things to Run Away From:

  • Volatile Fel Orb: Green arrow on head, run away or to designated area (between ranged and melee), use personal CD and detonate orb. (10 yd)
  • Felblaze Charge: Leaves Felblaze Residue in its path which damages and slows. Tanks, pull a few steps out of fire if needed. Ranged, move to the designated area (to the right) away from ranged.
  • Fel Prison: Green swirl forms about once a minute, collapses into rune after 2 seconds trapping anyone standing in area. If triggered, must be killed to release prisoners.

Special Mechanics:

  • Reverberating Blow: On tank, physical damage in cone aoe, every 17 seconds. Applies 3 stacks of debuff Shattered Defenses split between everyone hit, lasts 45 seconds.
  • Fatboss says each tank can use CDs to solo the blows; other guides recommend at least 3 players should soak hit, alternating in after debuff fades, after every third hit.
  • Tanks should take 3 hits in a row before swapping, use CDs for 2nd and 3rd hit.
  • Melee, run into the cone to split, if you get a stack of the debuff, run behind. If you do not get a stack of the debuff, stay until you do. When your debuff runs out, get back in front.

Phase 2 - Soul of Socrethar

    • Tank on Red portal to pick up Sargerei Dominators.
    • Interrupt Exert Dominance, Socrethar casts on Construct. Not able to be interrupted when Sargerei Dominator is alive.
    • Use DPS cooldowns and heroism to kill Dominator as quickly as possible. Keeping the Construct alive as long as possible means not repeating phase 1.
    • Death grip or ranged interrupt Sargerei Shadowcallers (casters) from Purple Portal into group, cleave passively. Casts can be interrupted, but make sure to save interrupts for Socrethar/Exert Dominance.
    • Gift of the Man'ari: Big green circle under the feet of two players, move out of the raid until debuff expires (2 minutes, 10 yard range).
    • If necessary, ranged-only kill Haunting Souls, stun/snare/knockback to prevent them from reaching targets. The Construct driver can use Fel Orb (2) to help, but stay at range.

Tank Plan

      1. Use Felblaze Charge (4) toward White Portal on cooldown to put Felblaze Residue lines in the way of Haunting Souls. (Avoid running over already-trapped Souls).
      2. Once Haunting Souls spawn, allow them to get halfway down the residue line, then place Fel Prison (3) in their way to trap them (click then place targeting reticle).
      3. Return to boss, make sure to autoattack and spam Reverberating Blow (1). Switch to adds if they are up.
      4. Do not use Volatile Fel Orb (2) on or near the raid. Stay away from Haunting Souls, they do heavy to Construct damage within a 5 yard range.


Robot abilities:

1 - Reverb Blow

2 - Orb

3 - Prison

4 - Charge


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re: Overview: Socrethar the Eternal


Normal, Heroic, Mythic (695, 710, 725)

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